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Where practical dreams become high-quality renovations for some well-deserved family time.

Too Busy to Tackle a Home Renovation Project on Your Own?

At Moose Ridge Design-Build Construction, we strive to take the stress out of your home renovation project.

While each customer and each project is unique, there are a few basic steps that tend to improve the way a project starts.

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This checklist is designed to help you plan the steps from project conception to project start.

STEP 1 – Initial Visit and Walk-Through

STEP 2 – Design Consultation and Solutions

STEP 3 – Project Development and Product Selections

STEP 4 – Pre-Construction Meeting

STEP 5 – Construction Begins!


Contact us to schedule and initial visit and walk-through.

Moose Ridge Design-Build Construction is here to walk you through each and every step in this process.  If you are a bit intimidated by the thought of a renovation….don’t be.